Historic Mount Bethel Cemetery

Bricks for the Brickyard

Leave your mark at Mount Bethel Cemetery while ensuring the memory of your loved ones will be a part of our lasting history.
A restored brick pathway in the southwest corner will lead visitors to the most historic section of the cemetery. The original "Brick Graveyard" is the final resting place of Susanna Wright's family, a Conestoga Indian, and Columbia's founding fathers.

Bricks may be customized to include quotes and messages that bear special meaning to the sponsor. Each standard 4" x 8" brick may be sponsored at a cost of $50. Click on the link below to purchase your brick(s). Print out the form linked below and mail it with your payment to

Mount Bethel Cemetery
PO Box 231
700 Locust Street
Columbia PA 17512

US Military Service Medallions

It has become apparent that many graves of veterans do not have any indication of their military involvement. Mt. Bethel Cemetery has arrangements with a local foundry to produce bronze medallions that can be attached to monuments to indicate that branch of service of the deceased.

These medallions are in Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine and Coast Guard configurations and are 3 3/4 inches in diameter. They have stainless steel studs that are drilled into the monument and expoxyed in place to produce a permanent attachment.

There are two types: plain and a thicker one that can hold a flag. Prices are as follows:

$30: Plain

$75: With Flag Holder

$10: Installation at Mount Bethel only


These medallions can be purchased without installation for persons having deceased veterans in other cemeteries.